Monday, October 22, 2012

Butterfly Baby Shower - Part I - Decor

Here is the Butterfly Baby Shower
my friend Karren and I hosted last year
for our friend Rachel.

The invitation 
purple, lilac, and mauve matched the nursery colours

Butterflies in the Air!
I made three 30 foot long butterfly garlands to hang from the ceiling. A friend cut several butterflies on her Silhouette craft cutter, then I stitched them together on my sewing machine. 

I also suspended white paper lanterns from my ceiling (and attached a few single butterflies)

A petite garland draped over my entryway mirror
(Here I caught the mom-to-be taking pictures)

Dining Area
White table cloths, white china, sparkling silverware

Purple Pansy Bouquets
and Whimsical Butterflies

Birdcages and Bird Statuary


Judi Newbold said...

How did you sew the butterfly garlands together? Did you use fish wire or ribbon? If I am not mistaken, the butterflies are made from paper, right?

MMW said...

Judi! the butterflies are cut from light cardstock. And I simply sewed them together with regular thread on my sewing machine. Longest stitch, and just feed them in one at a time. Go slowly. I recommend having a few butterflies to practice on first..until you get the hang of it. Then it's a piece of cake from there. Good luck. MMW

Maria Kotau said...