Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Butterfly Baby Shower - Part III - Game & Favours

At Rachel's baby shower, we had an activity (instead of a game) for guests, 
inspired by the Wishes for Baby I put together 
for my friend Alisha's baby shower weeks earlier.

Tell Me, Baby!
Inspired by this baby shower, I had several phrases printed on cards
(designed by my talented friend Taryn). 
Then each guest completed the phrase, sentence, or thought, 
with a prediction describing Rachel's daughter as she grows up.  

During gift-opening, I read the entire card aloud 
and Rachel guessed who wrote it. 

Some of the starting phrases
When it comes to her daddy...
Because her mom is a Southern Belle...
When it comes to her grandma and grandpa...
When it comes to pink...
Her first word...
The first time she smiles...
When it comes to potty training...
When it comes time to accessorize...
When she goes on her first date...

Check these out

At the end of the baby shower we collected the cards for Rachel to put into her daughter's baby book.

Flower Pens
I made flower-pens as party favours for each guest, 
using white geraniums from the craft store, 
secured to a pen with floral tape.
There was one next to each place-setting...and they used these pens for the game.

My friend Taryn also created beautiful place cards in pretty picture frames for each guest to take home. Check it out here at the original post Butterfly Baby Shower.


Mandi said...

Wow, your back :)
Lots of effort and it shows beautifully.

chrysanthemum said...

Beautiful! You are so talented :)
Glad to see you blogging again.