Saturday, July 26, 2008

White Bookshelves (from IKEA)

Nicole from Pink Loves Brown was featured in an Apartment Therapy house tour. Look at this library! I was shocked to learn that her bookshelves are from IKEA - because in my opinion, they look so un-IKEA-like! Her suggestion: A few nice pieces will elevate everything else in a room (so that the IKEA stuff isnt as noticeable)!
You know, I really really like her IKEA bookshelves (and they're in stock at the PDX location.)

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Katrina said...

Yep - we own the brown ones. You can put doors on them, add extra shelves and doors to the original bookcase - or just mix and match.

They're pretty sturdy, and it gives our books a home against a completely useless long wall.